"Yes, Mistress Valerie"

Clara Endsley, a petite, blonde haired eighteen year old, sat at the edge of the white couch, shivering in the cold air wearing nothing except for the silver cross that she kept around her neck. She covered her breasts with her crossed arms and her vagina with her legs, nervously chewing on her lip.

Clara looked at the clock on the wall on the other side of the room: it was 2.40. She wasn't exactly sure when Valerie had told her that she would be back in "exactly twenty minutes to play with my little toy," but it was about ten minutes ago. She was starting to get really nervous. She shifted in her seat a little. She wanted to move, but she had been instructed not to. Valerie had gone over the rules with her beforehand, and Clara had agreed that she had to follow any order that Valerie gave her, call her either Mistress or Mistress Valerie, and to always use her manners. Clara wasn't quite sure what that last one meant

It was 2.43. I wonder what she's going to do. Her friend hadn't been very specific about what she planned to do to Clara, so she was running through multiple scenarios in her head. What if she hits me‽ Or maybe she'll tie me up! As Clara ran through the endless possibilities of what was about to happen in her head, she was also fighting the urge to play with herself. Being a very religious girl, she had always believed that masturbation was wrong, but that belief was seriously being questioned right now. 2.49.

They hadn't actually seen each other naked yet. Valerie had told her to take off her clothes after she left, so when she came back in she would see Clara naked for the first time. She shifted her arms so that she was holding one tiny breast in each hand. 2.50. Her heart was racing. She had been anticipating this for what seemed like years now. The seconds ticked by like minutes. 2.50. She'll be coming any second now. Clara shifted her gaze to the door that Valerie had disappeared into. I wonder if she's going to come out naked.

Then, startling Clara, The door opened and Valerie stepped out. She was wearing a form fitting, navy blue polo shirt and a pair of plain yellow panties. She was carrying a black duffel bag that seemed very full.

"Hi," said Clara, her voice shaking a little. She blushed.

Valerie walked over. "Okay, we have some new rules now, honey," she said in a commanding but pleasant, even slightly condescending voice. "Do not speak unless you are spoken to. When I give you a command, you say 'Yes, Mistress Valerie." She looked at Clara.

"Yes, Mistress Valerie."

"If you need to ask me a question, you say 'May I please ask you a question, Mistress Valerie?' If you do something wrong and I tell you to fix it, you say 'Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress'." She reached into the duffel bag and took out a small blackboard and a piece of white chalk. "And I'll write down a tally mark on this chalkboard." She wrote at the top of the board, in flowery cursive lettering, 'Clara's Spanking Tally'. She dotted the 'i' with a little heart and propped up the board so that it was facing Clara on the coffee table.

"Yes, Mistress Valerie."

"If you need to come, you say "May I please have your permission to come, Mistress Valerie?'"

"May I please ask a question, Mistress Valerie?"


"What does it mean when I come?"

She smiled and said "It means that you have an orgasm, princess. Do you know what that is?"

Clara nodded.

"Good girl. Remember, you can always use the safeword."

She nodded again.

"Good. Now clasp your hands on your lap, and sit up straight like I told you to before, sweetie."

Clara's heart began pounding. "Yes Mistress." She adjusted her posture, but hesitated at removing her hands.

"Do as I say, Clara." Her voice had turned stern and slightly less gentle. "Do I need to punish you?"

Clara slowly removed her hands, her little pink nipples stiffening and poking out.

Her mistress leaned down and made five marks on the board. Then, she turned to the other girl. She reached out and touched a finger to her left boob. Goosebumps cascaded over her body."I like your little boobs. They're cute." She traced the nail of her index finger toward the centre of her breast. When she reached the edge of the tender pink skin of her areola, she stopped and traced a delicate circle around it. "Do you like that?"

Clara shifted in her seat. "Yes Mistress."

Then, she moved closer to her friend and leaned down, putting her boobs in her face. She shoved them against the smaller girl. "My tits are a lot bigger than yours, aren't they?"

"Yes, Mistress Valerie."

"Do you think you have big tittys, sweetie?"

"No, Mistress Valerie," she said, her voice muffled by the ample pair of breasts in her face.

"That's right. You have itsy bitsy boobies." She reached out and lightly pinched Clara's nipple. "How big are your boobies, miss Clara?"

"They're very tiny, Mistress."

"Good girl. You're very cute, honey. You're a cute little girl."