Dad's Loan Is Due

Content warning - This is a forced sex story.


Paul had borrowed thirty thousand dollars in a street loan from a loan shark named Ivan.

Today was the due date and he did not have the money. He had needed the cash to finance his cell phone app and bring the project to market. However the app was not a success and it had cost him everything.

No savings, checking, or property was left. So this is how Paul came to be tied to a chair with Ivan and two if his collectors standing over him. Paul's wife and daughter sat terrified on the family's sofa watching the scene unfold in their secluded home.

"What will we do with you Paul?" said Ivan. "I have debts too and I know you must have something to offer me for payment. Right?" he continued. "How can I make a living if my customers don't pay me?"

Paul begged Ivan for more time. "Please don't kill me" he pleaded.

"That would be an option" Ivan said "but a dead man pay's no one and I want my money Paul"

Ivan walked over to the sofa and eyed Paul's wife and daughter.

"What is your name and how old are you," he asked the young girl "and you also turning to her mother?"

"I'm Denise and I'm thirty six, my daughter is Carol and she is eighteen" spoke Paul's wife through tears. Her daughter could not speak, she sat scared with tears on her face. Ivan leaned over Carol and wiped the tears from her face.

Denise was a well kempt woman. 5' 5" and 150 pounds, short brown hair, big hips and legs with a large round ass. She was not fat, just thicker than most through the waist and thighs. Denise was extremely large breasted with a bra size of 38 F. Her tits were not saggy but large and soft and well-shaped for their size, they complemented the curves of her big ass nicely.

Carol, her daughter, was built more like her father. She was small and slender. 5' 3" and 110 pounds, toned legs and small waist. Her ass was full and well-shaped an attribute she owed to her mother. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Her small tits made her look much younger than she really was. She was a 32 A bra size, her small tits were firm and jutted straight out from her body. Her tits were so firm that she didn't really need to wear a bra to keep them held up or from jiggling when she walked.

"Leave them alone!" screamed Paul "I am the one who screwed up not them"

One of the collectors punched Paul in the face and told him to shut up or get more beating. Ivan paced back and forth in front of the two women and stopped in front of the chair Paul was bound too. "I think you fail to understand how serious this is for you Paul", stated Ivan plainly. I need thirty thousand dollars plus ten thousand dollars interest today and you do not have it. This makes me angry.

"Can you make an interest payment of ten thousand dollars today and pay the balance next week?" Ivan asked of Paul.

Paul shook his head no. "I am broke," he pleaded 'just give me more time and I promise to pay you."

"Paul, Paul, Paul" Ivan said shaking his head. He reached into the pocket of his long black leather coat and pulled out a pair of red handled wire cutters. Perhaps I should cut off your fingers or toes until you remember where you have some money.

Denise dove onto the floor in front of Paul "Please don't hurt him" she cried out. "Use me for payment I will fuck you and you men if you will just leave us alone." Denise pleaded.

"Back on the sofa bitch" ordered the second collector. She silently obeyed and huddled close to her daughter. Both women were scared and Denise could not believe the words that had just come from her mouth. "Did I actually offer to fuck these thugs?" She thought to herself

Ivan smiled as another idea came to mind. He leaned in close to Paul, "I want my money Paul, if you don't have it then your wife and daughter are going to have to earn it for you." he whispered.

Ivan stood up and ordered one of his thugs to take the mother into the back of the home. Ivan followed the two of them down the hallway that lead to the bedrooms.

"Throw her on the bed in this room" Ivan said, pointing through the open doorway.

"You're very generous to offer trading pussy for relief of Paul's debt' said Ivan mockingly "but I don't want to fuck you. I want my money. So I have thought of another way that pussy can get you out of this mess tonight"

He sat next to her on the bed and began to explain very calmly to Denise "You and your daughter are going to fuck every man I call on my phone until you have earned me ten thousand dollars in interest." "If you resist I will go to work on your daughter and husband with my pliers, do you understand?" said Ivan. Denise was stunned but nodded that she understood what was said to her.

Denise's mind was spinning. How could this be happening? She had thought Paul was on the verge of becoming rich and they would live in luxury the rest of their lives. How could it all come crashing down like this? How could Paul have put his family in peril this way?

Ivan walked back into the room where Paul was tied to the chair and sat on the sofa next to Carol. "Carol," Ivan said "would you like it if I left and took my men with me?"

Carol looked confused at her captor but nodded her head yes.

"Good" said Ivan "That is exactly what I want to do also but I need you to help your father with his debt before I can go."

"I am going to call some associates to come and visit us and I need for you and your mother to go with them into your bedrooms and entertain my guests tonight." "Do you understand me?" Ivan asked with a sick smile on his face. Carol stared at him blankly.

"Noooooooooo!" Paul screamed at Ivan.

Ivan stood and punched Paul so hard in the face it knocked him speechless. "Gag him." Ivan instructed his collector.

Ivan again sat next to Carol and explained to her as he had done with her mother. "Carol, I am going to call men to come over here tonight and pay me money to fuck you and your mother."

"I am going to get $500 at time for you mother and $1000 a time for you until your father's interest payment is collected" he said to the young girl. "All in all you should have about ten or twenty visitors tonight between the two of you."

Carol sobbed and tried to speak. She stammered "I can't, I mean haven't, please don't make me."

Ivan grinned and asked "Are you eighteen and still a virgin Carol?"

"Yes" she replied "mommy and daddy don't let me see boys or have dates." In Carols mind this should have changed Ivan's heart about using her for sex.

Ivan laughed and said "Well then, I shall asked $2000 dollars for the privilege of busting your cherry."

Carol cried even harder.

Ivan took his hand and turned the girls face to look at him. "Dry up those tears Carol or I am going to use my pliers on your mother and father." "I don't want to do that, so don't make me, Ok?" He smiled at her as he spoke.

Carol regained control of herself and wiped her tears from her cheeks. She tried to scoot to the end of the sofa and be closer to her father but Ivan instructed his remaining man to take her to the second bedroom and watch her just as the first henchman was doing with the mother.

Ivan sat on the sofa and began making calls.

Paul listened as Ivan was speaking on his phone. "Yes two thousand is a lot of money but she is top shelf pussy. Much better than the whores you're used to fucking and besides the extra money is because it's her first time. No, I already have enough who want her after she's been popped. Its two grand or I call someone else! Excellent, how fast can you get here? There's a line forming for them you know." Ivan laughed as he finished speaking and ended his call.

"Well, well, well, dad." Ivan said to Paul, "It appears that your little girl will be very popular tonight."

"How about I give you a little preview of what your wife and little girl will be doing on your behalf tonight?" asked Ivan.

"Bring them in here" he shouted to the back of the house.

Carol and Denise walked into the room dressed only in their bras and panties. Carol was scared and Denise was trying to calm her. The two thugs pushed the pair of women forward to Ivan.

"Okay Mom, off with your panties." Ivan spoke flatly to her "Get down on your knees and lean against the sofa seat."

"Robert and Wayne, you two can have a poke at mom while we're waiting for our guests." Ivan said to his collectors.

Paul was squirming in his chair as his wife dropped her bikini panties on the floor and bent over the seat of the sofa exposing her big ass and hairy pussy to the pair of thugs.

Ivan walked behind Pauls' chair and checked the grey tape used to bind him in place. He smacked him on the back of the head and said to him, "You keep your eyes open for every second of this. Because of you I have had to become a damn pimp to get my money back. Why couldn't you have just been a man and paid me like we agreed? Instead you've gone and been a pussy about it and caused all this grief for your ladies here."

Denise's eyes burned into Paul with hatred. "Yes Paul, why did you have to borrow money from the likes of them?" she asked as she prepared herself mentally to be fucked by the two thugs.

The first of the two collectors, Robert, dropped in behind Denise and undid his pants, dropping them to the floor around his knees. He pulled his stiff cock out from his boxers and slid it between Denise's lips parting them with his thick headed cock.

"She's dry" he said as he spit into his hand and rubbed it on her hairy pussy. Then in one move he forced his cock into her and began to hump her from behind. His hard strokes rocked her body and she groaned as he pumped into her dry cunt.

She looked at Paul with hate in her eyes for what he had done to put them in this spot.

"His cock is much bigger than yours Paul!" she said taunting her husband.

"Fuck me Robert," she said "Show my husband how a real man fucks."

Paul hung his head in shame.

Ivan slapped Paul's face and instructed him to watch. Ivan drew a knife from the other pocket of his coat and opened it. It was a cruel looking blade, a hawk bill knife, with a hook on the end of the blade that resembled the bill of a bird of prey.

He walked to the sofa with the blade in his hand. He slipped the sharp edge between Denise's bra strap and her pale skin. With a quick pull he sliced through the bra and her huge tits spilled out. He cut away the shoulder straps in similar fashion. Without her bra in place her massive jugs bounced and jiggled around under Roberts pounding.

Robert slapped Denise on her large round ass as he humped her leaving red finger prints on her pale white flesh.

"Uhhhh, Yes Robert slap my ass harder" she continued her taunting of Paul "Fuck me harder!"

Robert began groaning then he pulled out of her pussy to shoot his load onto her plump ass. He stroked his cock getting every squirt to land on her fat behind. Then he wiped the semen from the head of his cock on her ass and pulled up his pants.

Carol sat in the floor next to her father and watched in disbelief as her mother was used like a cheap whore. She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs for them to stop and go away but the shock watching her mother get fucked had frozen her voice.

Wayne was next in her pussy and humped her from behind in the same crude way. He grunted as he pushed his thick cock into her over and over.

"Oh Wayne!" moaned Denise. "Your fat dick is filling my pussy much more than Paul's does." She continued to taunt her husband.

"Fuck me deeper Wayne" Denise moaned like a whore for Ivan and her audience.

Wayne continued pounding her ass with his hips until he busted his load into her pussy. He withdrew his cock from her sticky hole and wiped it clean on her ass just as Robert had done.

Wayne turned to Ivan, "She's worth the five bills you're asking for her as long as she does that all night."

Denise lay against the sofa her hateful gaze never leaving Paul. When the pair had finished using her cunt she spoke, "I hope you enjoyed that Paul."

Ivan ordered Denise back to the rear bedroom. He walked back with her leaving Wayne to watch Paul and Carol.

"I hope you're as enthusiastic with my guests as you were with my men. You see Denise if you're not perceived as worth the five hundred dollars I want for you, then that's just more men who will pay the extra money to fuck your daughter. Is that what you want?" Ivan asked.

"No" said Denise sharply.

"I didn't think so, now cleanup and get ready to work off his debt!" he said coldly.

Ivan returned to the front room and sat on the sofa. "Your turn little one." he said to Carol.

"Your pussy it too valuable for me to fuck you right now so I will have a turn with you after your cherry is popped. That does not mean you cannot suck my dick while we wait though." Smiled Ivan as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock

Carol covered her face with her hands trying to shield her vision from Ivan cock.

Paul jerked in his chair trying to get free until Wayne punched him, dazing him once more.

Ivan's cock grew rigid as he tugged at it in his hands. "Come over here and show me how grateful you are."

Carol looked up in at Ivan in disbelief. "Grateful? I am supposed to be grateful that you forced my mother to screw your men and will do the same to me?" she said.

"Of course not" laughed Ivan. "You should be grateful that I have not killed your father and sold you and your mother for the thirty thousand and interest he owes me." If I sell you off as whores, you will get fucked every night twenty times until you are so used up no one will pay to fuck you anymore."

It now dawned on Carol just how truly powerless they were against Ivan. Her father had really fucked up borrowing money from him.

"I am a business man Carol." Ivan said calmly to her. "All I want is my profit, I am harsh because your father had made me be this way. Hate him, not me. All he had to do was pay me, he knew the rules when he borrowed my money."

Ivan stopped pulling on his cock and said to her. "Now come here and suck my dick you little bitch."

Carol looked at her stunned father and back at Ivan then back at her father again with the same hate in her eyes she had seen in her mothers. Carol stood up from the floor next to her father and walked to the small kitchen adjoining the room they were in.

Wayne started to grab her but Ivan said "Let's see what she wants to do here, she knows she can't leave."

Carol went to the sink and poured a tall glass of water. She then took two of her father's beers from inside the refrigerator and returned to the sofa. She set the water on the floor and opened the beer and handed them to Wayne and Ivan. She took the water from the floor and tossed it in her father's face jolting him back awake.

"Daddy, I believe Ivan told you to watch every second." Carol said standing before him in her underwear, "I agree with him, since mother and I are paying for your fuck up I want you to watch the consequences of your stupidity also."

"I got them a couple of your beers, you don't mind do you?" she asked mockingly.

Carol wasn't sure what to do with Ivan's cock. This was the first time she had seen a man's penis but she knew whatever she did, she wanted it to punish her father.

"Watch now daddy!" she said to Paul hatefully.

Carol slid down between Ivan's legs and wrapped her small hands around his thick hard cock. She worked his meat up and down in her hands her fears now replaced by a burning hate for her father's stupidity. "This was all his fault!" she thought to herself.

Ivan sipped the cold beer and complemented Paul on how good a hostess his daughter was. He smirked at Paul as his daughter took his cock into her mouth and plunged his rod into her throat. Carol bobbed her face up and down in Ivan's lap.

She had never seen or touched a cock before but she instinctively knew that Ivan's cock was large. It filled her mouth and throat each time she took him deep. She sucked on the head of his cock and licked his veiny shaft with her tongue.

"Am I doing it right daddy?" she asked Paul mockingly. "Is your little girl a good cock sucker daddy?" she asked Paul.

Ivan slipped one of her bra straps off her shoulder and pulled the tiny lace cup off her firm breast. He pinched hard on the stiff nipple of her small tit. Carol felt a tingle in her groin as Ivan pulled on her nipple with his rough fingers.

Carol realized there was a connection between her tiny tits and her virgin pussy that had never been explored before now. When Ivan pinched her nipples it was making her pussy throb. She rubbed her hairy little pussy through her panties while she sucked Ivan cock.

Carol slipped both her hands back around Ivan's thick cock, it seemed to her it must be ten inches long. She jerked him furiously up and down with her mouth plunged over his meat. Ivan tensed his leg muscles and pushed Carols head down on his long cock.

He burst a stream of semen in her mouth that gagged her. She did not know what to expect and the surge of hot cum choked her. This was the first time she had felt a man orgasm in her mouth and it made her heart race! She was excited and scared and hated that she liked the feeling. Ivan's first load spilled out of her mouth but she swallowed the second and third stream of his hot juice.

Carol looked up at her father with Ivan's sticky cum dripping from her lips and chin. "I am being a good daughter and helping you pay your debts." She said to Paul.

Sucking Ivan thick cock in front of her father somehow made her feel powerful in a situation where she was powerless. It was hard for her to understand but she liked it.

The feeling that she had control of something in this out of control evening gave her some degree of pleasure. Ivan's seed was salty on her tongue. His big cock was warm in her hands and mouth, sucking it in front of Paul gave her satisfaction that she too was punishing her Dad for his mistake.

Carol wiped her mouth and walked back to her room and waited for the men Ivan called to show up.

Carol fucked five men that night, she earned six thousand dollars of her dad's payment. Denise fucked thirteen including the two collectors to add an additional fifty five hundred to the payment.

After Carol lost her cherry the night became a blur of men sucking her pussy and tits then pumping their hard cocks into her. Their faces became not important as the line of men arrived to use her body.

Carol was only concerned with the size of their cocks and how much meat they would stuff into her tight little pussy. The first few men hurt her pussy as they stretched it with their dicks. She learned quickly how to fuck the men and talk nasty to them like her mother had done to Wayne and Robert.

If she talked dirty while they fucked her the men seem to enjoy it and would cum inside her faster. Then she could get on to the next man and hopefully be done soon.

Carol liked feeling like she controlled the men even if she was powerless she didn't feel like it. She wasn't positive but she thought she may have had an orgasm with the last two or three men.

She only recalled in detail the first cock up her twat. He was a large white man with brown hair, he looked like an athlete, maybe a football player. He made her suck his cock which was even bigger than Ivan's. She knew it was going to hurt when it came time to put his huge meat into her.

After he had licked her pussy for what seemed a half an hour he climbed up and lay on her belly. She resisted at first pushing his hips away from her with her knees and striking his shoulders with her clenched fists but he held her down and asked if he needed to call Ivan back here to straighten this out.

She shook her head no and relaxed her body for him.
The man opened her legs and exposed her hairy little pussy. He spit into his hands and rubbed it over his cock and her cunt. He pressed the head of his cock against her vagina and spread open her virgin hole. He pushed hard into her and she felt her pussy rip as he entered her. Carol cried out in pain as the man's huge cock pushed its way into her tight fuck hole.

"Oh my God!" she cried out.

"It's too big for me" she said to him. "Take it out" she begged.

The man pushed all of his cock into her virgin cunt and began to draw its length backward from her pussy. "Damn you're tight" he grunted to her. "Ivan was right, you're top shelf pussy girl" he commented as he pumped back into her again.

Carol whimpered as he held her in place and began to fuck her for the first time in her life.

Carol lay back in her bed biting her lip. Her pussy was stretched around his massive cock and was bleeding from the ripping of her hymen. He kept pumping it into her though, he pulled her tiny tits with his hands and sucked on her nipples while he hammered into her virgin cunt.

After what seem forever to Carol the man groaned and released a huge load into her sore pussy. She could feel his semen swirling inside her cunt as he shot another load, then another, and another.

The large man lay on her for a few minutes enjoying the feel of her tiny pussy stretched around his cock before he pulled out of her.

A mixture of blood and thick semen oozed out of Carols pussy and onto the sheets.

"It's a shame you can't be a virgin again, I'd pay another two thousand to pop you all over again," he said as he dressed.

Denise had tried to fuck as many men as she could to save her daughter from taking more men than her virgin pussy could handle in one evening. She had offered her asshole up to many of the men to try and tempt them toward her instead of Carol. It worked with some but not others.

Denise had taken three men at once at some point in the evening.

She lay back on her bed with the parade of fat cocks going through her mind. The men had all treated her like a whore, making crude comments about how they enjoyed fucking her.

"I'm going to fuck that big fat ass of yours" said one man.

"Jerk me off with your huge fucking tits" requested another man.

"I want to bust my nut on your face and hair" another man requested. Denise complied by leaning her face back and letting the man spray her with his seed. His burst of warm goo clung to her cheeks and in her hair.

One man decided he wanted to push his entire fist into her pussy. Denise had heard of fisting before but never dreamed she would experience it firsthand.

The last man she saw finished up the evening by fucking her in the ass and the making her suck his dick right after it was pulled from her asshole. "How does your own asshole taste baby?" he asked her as he sprayed her face with his hot cum.

Denise had never seen so many cocks in her entire life. She was a grown woman and knew exactly what Ivan's proposal would mean for her and Carol. She hoped her daughter had held up under the line of men wanting to ride her pussy tonight.

The two exhausted women showered and put on fresh clothes before entering the room where Ivan was counting his money from the night's sex for sale party. Paul was still tied to the chair. His face was red from the blows he had taken earlier in the night.

"Well not bad ladies." said Ivan as he collected himself to leave with his henchmen.

Carol stood not speaking, Denise feeling betrayed by her husband looked at Ivan and asked "What now?"

"Now I leave. You can cut Paul loose after I am gone." Ivan said.

"I have five hundred dollars for you and a thousand for Carol as a thank you for your efforts." He said as he lay the money on the sofa.

Denise said "I mean what about the rest of your money, what will you do?"

"Oh" said Ivan. "If Paul does not have my thirty thousand plus interest in a week then I pimp you bitches out again until it is paid in full."

Ivan and his collectors walked out of Paul's home closing the door behind them with a thud.