(Wax) Play With Me

Hi, I'm Ree. And I'm a wax slut.

No, this isn't some kink version of an "Anonymous" meeting, but I thought I should just put it out there. Some of my play partners are put off by the fact that I love wax. Some of my play partners are just plain freaked out by how much I love wax.

But then there are the play partners that enjoy covering me in wax as much as I enjoy being covered in it.

A lot of people-generally people who haven't tried it-have this idea that wax play is about pain, but it's not. I'm not into pain. Wax, when it's done right, is comforting and relaxing. It's sensual. And it can be a complete and total turn on.

So, when Josh invited me over for some wax play time, I couldn't say no.

It had been a rough week, and so when Friday evening rolled around, I was in a fairly shitty mood. But because it was so rare for Josh to be around, I wasn't going to give up this opportunity.

Pasting a smile on my face, I rang his doorbell. Upon seeing his warm smile and open arms, I wanted to curl up in his embrace for a long while and just forget about the week I'd had. But I wasn't going to deprive him of his fun time, so I kept the fa├žade up, giving him a big hug while maintaining the smile.

Or so I thought.

Josh pulled back from me and used his fingers to life my chin so that I'd look him in the eye. "You're upset."

I shrugged and tried to look away. "It was just a bad week."

"Want to talk about it?"

I thought for a minute. Did I want to talk about it? I shook my head and replied, "Not really. I'd rather have your help in forgetting about it."

His fingers still under my chin, he pulled me toward him for a soft and fairly chaste kiss, yet it still produced chills for me. "I can do that," he replied before turning, taking my hand, and leading me to the bedroom.

He was all set up for our play. His bed was covered in an old sheet with a tarp under it. Off to the side, there was a crockpot of melted spa paraffin wax with a brush laying on the table before it. On another table nearby where half a dozen paraffin low-temp candles burned in their very cool glass pitcher containers. Also nearby there were tools and implements for safety and I noticed he even thought to keep a couple of bottles of water on hand. As usual, Josh had thought of everything.

I turned to him, my smile genuine this time. "You really do think of everything."

Josh grinned in response. Running a hand lightly down my back, he answered, "Of course. I'll give you a few minutes to get comfortable."

I nodded and pulled out my hair tie from my pocket. (I'd made the mistake of not tying up my hair once, and trying to get the wax out of it without losing clumps of my hair was not an experience I wanted to repeat.) After pulling my hair up and out of the way and using his bathroom facilities, I undressed completely and laid face-down on the sheet. I could feel the tarp crinkling beneath me, but the softness of the old sheet added to my comfort. I was already relaxing, slipping into the world of bottoming for wax.

As promised, he returned a few minutes later, and I felt him lightly trace his fingers up my calf to the back of my thigh over my cheek and up my back. "Are you comfortable, Ree?"

"Mmm-hmmm." I smiled into the sheet as I felt his moving to be next to me, his skin warm against my side.

And then I felt the first brush of hot wax over my back as he painted it on me. That first touch was usually a slight shock to my system: the introduction of sudden heat that quickly just became a soothing warmth. With every added brush of more wax to my back and shoulders, my bad week fell away from me and all I was focused on was the current moment. My tight muscles relaxed and my endorphins started to kick in.

As more wax made its way onto my skin, the feel of it trickling down my sides started giving me chills and gooseflesh. His brush dipped lower, starting to paint my ass with wax and I started to feel the hot wax start to drip down my thighs and down between my legs. I moaned a little, enjoying the heat as the occasional wax rivulet made their way down my pussy lips.

Josh knew what I enjoyed and after painting my ass, he moved to my thighs. The backs of my thighs were always notoriously tight and sore, and the heat from the wax was welcome relief. He used copious amounts so the wax ran down the sides of my legs, between my legs, and pooling where it fell. When he reached the backs of my knees, Josh laid the brush aside, and traced his fingers over the top of the hardening and cooling wax of my back and butt. With his other hand, he stroked my hair, careful not to get it tangled up in the wax.

Keeping a hand resting on my head, he began the slow and sensuous process of peeling the wax off of my back. Because of the type of wax he was using, it could be peeled off in large pieces, leaving my skin feeling like it was being freed from some wonderful cocoon. I love the feeling of the wax going on, but I also loved the feeling of the wax coming off. The skin under the wax was extra sensitive, and knowing this, Josh trailed his lips over areas of skin that had been freshly exposed.

By the time the wax was mostly removed, I was fully relaxed ...and fully turned on. He pressed a kiss to my temple and stroked my hair.

"Ready to turn over?"

Rather than answer, I carefully rolled over onto my back and looked up at the ceiling. Josh was doing something off to the side, but I soon felt him near and looked over as he took my hands and brought them above my head, tying them together and hooking them to the under-the-bed-restraint system he had under his mattress.

I grinned and raised an eyebrow at him. "Oh, it's going to be like that?"

He grinned back and gave me a quick kiss before moving down to the foot of the bed. I felt the ankle cuff wrap around my ankle before it was lowered back down to the bed, a towel rolled under my knee to give it support. He repeated the same step with the other leg, leaving me bound and spread eagle on his bed, completely open to him.

I watched Josh as he moved back to the table with the candles, but he seemed to change his mind and moved back to me as he grabbed something.

It turned out that something was a silky blindfold that made my breath catch as he tied it around my head blocking out the darkened room from my sight.

"You ok?" Josh asked, his mouth close to my ear.

I nodded, felt him kiss the side of my neck, and heard him move away again for a moment.

And in the next instant, I felt the heat of the wax pouring down on my belly. It was hotter coming directly from the candle and I felt the splash from where the wax bounced as it landed. He poured the wax over my belly in what felt like a spiral or circles, widening the motions so that he covered more area, but not quite reaching my breasts or pussy. I heard him replace that candle to the table and soon felt the heat of a different candle dripping down.

I caught my breath as I felt the wax pour over my breasts and nipples. Josh focused on building the sensations so that the heat was solely focused on one part of my breast but spread over the entirety.

By this time, I was squirming in my restraints, and desperately wanted the heat of the wax to be felt dripping down my pussy. I could tell I was already incredibly wet.

As if he could read my mind, with the next candle, he started to pour small amounts on my mound at a time. I moaned as I could feel the wax sliding down my smooth lips. The skin there was so sensitive, and the wax felt like hot fingers touching every inch of the smooth skin at once.

"I've always liked your pussy multi-colored," he said softly. I could hear the grin in his voice as he added more wax, pouring it directly onto the top of my slit.

After making sure that my pussy was covered in wax, I felt him tracing his fingers over my waxed pussy, and squirmed again, trying to get more pressure against my clit than the light touch.

"You want something?" He asked, teasingly.

"I think you know the answer to that," I replied throatily. I felt him reach up and release my right hand from the bondage.

"I want to see you play with yourself," he commanded in his gentle but firm way.

I complied, running my hand down my wax covered breasts and stomach, stopping to feel my wax covered mound. By the feel, I could tell it was completely covered, as were the lips of my pussy. I couldn't help but grin at the feeling.

"You like the feeling of the wax on you?" Josh asked.

Smiling, I nodded.

"I think you want to do more than just play with the wax coating, though," he commented.

I agreed. Pushing slightly through the wax until I found skin and moisture, I gasped at how wet I was. I was completely drenched, and my clit was hard and extremely sensitive to the touch. I moaned at the first touch and slid a couple of fingers down my slit under the wax to explore my slippery folds. Returning my focus to my clit, I started to rub it gently, but with as turned on as I was, I found myself desperate for my orgasm.

It didn't take long. I was soon coming and found myself surprised at how easy it happened. It had been years since I had solely used my fingers to come.

As I was catching my breath, Josh removed the blindfold, took my face in his hands, and kissed me deeply. With my free hand, I pulled him to me, holding onto him as our tongues explored each other's mouths. I felt him reach down and pull more wax off of my drenched pussy before sliding his hard cock into it.

I moaned into his mouth as he slid into me, desperately wanting to wrap my legs around his waist, but couldn't. As if reading my mind, he grabbed my free hand and held it above my head with my already bound wrist as he continued to thrust into me. He angled himself so that he was able to rub my already very sensitive clit as he was thrusting into me and I found myself shaking in another orgasm very quickly. Josh joined me soon after.

We lay there for a moment, tangled together, a mass of limbs and wax before he released me from the cuffs and helped clean some of the wax off. It was on both of us now, but neither of us really minded.

After a hot shower for both of us, we returned to the non-wax covered bed and I curled into his side.

"Thank you," I said. "I really needed that."

"Anytime, Beautiful. Anytime."