10 Inches Of Black Man Power

My name is Gregory Karl Hinds. Friends call me G.K. I'm a six-foot-three, good-looking young black man living in the city of Boston. I attend Boston Metropolitan College ( also known as BMC ) on a student-athlete scholarship for football. It's a lot less fun than it sounds. To the casual observer, Boston Metropolitan College seems like a dream come true. That's only because they haven't lived there. Trust me, the place sucks. Big-time. When I first came along, it seemed like a dream given form.

Boston Metropolitan College is an imposing institution. A large public school with thirty five thousand students. An athletic powerhouse offering full scholarships to student athletes who compete in men's baseball, women's softball, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's ice hockey, men's wrestling, women's field hockey, men's football, women's equestrian, women's rifle, men's pistol, women's water polo, men's track & field, women's cross country, men's and women's soccer, men's and women's gymnastics, men's and women's fencing, men's and women's volleyball and men's and women's swimming. The schools of the NCAA Division One are so rigid, especially when dealing with male student-athletes. They make us walk on eggshells out of political correctness. I'm just a poor guy from Brockton trying to get ahead in life. So, that's why I decided to violate school rules and get myself a J.O.B.

The only place I found work was the budding amateur porn industry of Boston. I got hired by Crystal Parker, the CEO of Black Amateur Motion Pictures Inc. A tall, good-looking black woman in her early forties. She was a multi-millionaire and world-famous porn star and best-selling author who interviewed me personally. I had to show her what I got. I unzipped my pants and out came my cock. Ten inches long, quite thick and uncut. She was surprised by the sheer size of it. Even in the modern-day porn industry, a ten-inch dick is quite a sight to behold. It got me noticed but it's not what got me hired.

A big dick doesn't guarantee you a job in the porn industry. It will get you in the door but whether you stay or not, that's the complicated part. I had to get myself an agent, and find myself some work. I got myself tested for every STD known to man, and my tests came back clean. I also did a full physical for just about everything else you could think of. Then the studio ran a background check on me, for security reasons. Believe it or not, the porn industry doesn't hire people with criminal records. I was clean and ready for work, and thus took the porn plunge.

My first scene was in a movie titled Black Men Rock. The storyline involved three masked black male college athletes going around in a van, picking up young white women on the streets of the city and having sex with them in their dormitories. Typical interracial porn flick fan fare. Lots of sites on the Internet were doing the exact same thing. The studio took a big chance by putting an untested actor like me on this new movie. Lots of other black male porn performers wanted the part but they weren't right for it. I got the job because I looked the part and also happened to be well-endowed. Now I had to pass the acid test. Would I be able to perform on camera? Folks, I was very nervous.

During my first scene, I worked with an Irish-American porn starlet named Monica O'Shea. She was six feet tall, busty, voluptuous and big-bottomed, with milky white skin and blonde-white hair. She looked really hot. I like big beautiful women. They're alright. Later, I learned that Monica was a relative newcomer to the industry. She could tell that I was nervous and told me to relax. I had to get over my nervousness and do it quick because the cameras were rolling. When you're watching a porn video, you never notice that there are lots of crew people around. A porn movie set is a busy place, folks. Lots of crewmen and crewwomen around, doing their thing. The camera people. The lights people. The sound crew. And of course, the director and his or her flunkies and assistants.

Monica made me forget all that the moment she stripped before me. Hot damn, the woman had it all. She had a pretty face, big tits, wide hips and a big booty. Yes, white females got booty! The sight of her made my dick hard as hell. Monica smiled, then knelt before me. Man, I couldn't believe I was actually doing this, getting my dick sucked by a white woman on a porn movie set. Wow. Monica was quite the expert, folks. She took my cock in her mouth like a professional and sucked it good. She stroked my balls while sucking my dick. I closed my eyes and relaxed as the big-booty white mama worked her magic on this brother's pecker. Wow. And to think that earlier, I was in a politically correct classroom, being told what to do by some feminist teacher who was questioning my opinions before the entire class. And now I was getting paid to have my dick sucked by some woman. Is life funny or what?

Monica sucked my dick until I came, then she drank my seed. Afterwards, I gave her oral sex. I've never gone down on a woman before. Monica guided me through it. I licked and fingered her pussy and she made all the appropriate noises and sounds. Yeah, women were really good at faking it but I wasn't faking any of it. I was into this, and I think it showed on camera. Afterwards, we took a ten-minute break during which I got myself a sandwich. Monica drank a sports shake and we talked about the scene while the crew people did their thing and the director berated his flunky about something in the script. Then the break was over and everyone went back to work. In the next part of the scene, I put Monica on all fours and spread her plump white butt cheeks wide open. I took some lube and smeared it all over my cock. I also applied it all over Monica's ass crack. I asked her if she was ready and she said yes. Houston, we have a go.

Slowly, I pushed my cock into Monica's ass. Her ass felt really tight, even with the lube. This was my first time trying anything of the kind. None of the gals I knew at BMC would try anything like this. Monica was really into it. She screamed and begged me to fuck her harder and faster. I did exactly that. After all, that's what the scene called for. Still, I could tell when she was a bit uncomfortable. Seasoned porn starlet or not, taking ten inches of hard dick up her ass was not exactly easy. Monica was a team player, though. She worked with me and we got through it. I pumped my cock up her ass like it was nothing and she screamed in daylight like she was having the time of her life. Later, I found out that she was well-known in the adult film industry for being totally wild. Anal sex in interracial movies were a specialty of hers. Folks, I didn't think women like that existed. I was impressed. We rocked together. The crew and director congratulated us on a job well done, then we went over next week's shooting schedule

After all was said and done, I picked up a check for nine hundred and eighty dollars and left the set. Monica was getting paid eleven hundred bucks for the scene. In the straight side of the adult film industry, women tend to make a bit more money than men. Men who worked in gay and bisexual films made more money than those working in the straight ones. Something to consider someday, I think. Whatever. All I cared about was my money. I was tired of being a broke-ass black student at a rich white school. I went right back to my dorm and showered before catching some Z's. You see, I had a class later that day. And I couldn't afford to skip it. And after class, I had football practice. BMC was taking on the Northeastern University football team next Friday and if we won, we'd take on the University of New Hampshire. When I returned to campus, I felt like a secret spy or something. Looking at all these prim and proper young men and women who acted like they were all that yet led such conventional and normal lives. I had crossed a threshold they didn't even know existed. I had gone from meek student and average football player to top-secret porn star. And nobody knew. I'm making out like a bandit, getting paid to do a job that most men would do for free if they could. Lucky me! As long as nobody finds out, I should be fine. Can you keep a secret?