"Vegas Baby"

"Vegas Baby!" I said out loud as I flopped down on the bed.

Here I was, in a fancy hotel room in 'Sin City', and boy was I ready to do some serious sinning. I had been really surprised to get a letter from one of my old high school buds containing a plane ticket and reservations for the room. This was quite the setup for a rolling stone like me, whose chief occupation and profession was living off from women, long enough to go through their money, and tear through their hearts.

"Hey Chuck!" The letter said, "I haven't seen you for years. Remember all the Hell raising we use to do in high school? I think they gave us our diplomas just to get us out of there. So here's the deal, the company I work for has this program where we can invite a perspective client to Vegas, all expenses paid, to schmooze them into making a deal. What my employer doesn't know is at the end of the month I'm going to switch teams. So use the ticket, and take the room, and I'll meet up with you.

You and I, Chuck, are going to burn down Vegas at my company's expense. There are perks to selling millions of dollars of heavy construction equipment and I'm happy to share one of them with you.

Your Old Partner in Crime,

Randy Erickson"

"Wow," I yelled out loud. "I'm Gonna Get Tasted, Pasted, Sedated and Wasted!" And it was all on someone else's money, so I was elated.

Just then there was a knock at the door, figuring it was my old high bud, I couldn't answer it fast enough. But when I opened the door, instead of my old high school chum, greeting me was this tall striking blue eyed raven haired woman.

"Hi stud," she said with a friendly sneer. "Randy sent me. So are you going to let me in, or just keep on gawking?"

I stepped aside, and she immediately marched by, throwing a small leather suitcase on the floor, before removing her light rain coat. I almost shit my pants at the sight. Except for long leather thigh high boots, opera gloves and corset, she wasn't wearing anything else.

"Randy will be joining us later, but in the meantime he wanted me to get to get things warmed up. Are you into a little S&M," she asked as bent over at the waist to open and search her suitcase?

Staring at her beautiful bare ass high in the air I nervously answered her question with a question. "Are you one of those domination type chicks?"

If you mean a 'dominatrix', the answer is, yes! But you needn't be frightened sweetheart," she said as she pulled out two thick long bungee cords from the suitcase for examination. "You and I are just going to have a little gentle role play session. Think of it as theatric foreplay, just a little something to get us both frisky."

"What makes you think I'm frightened," I challenge her?

"Sweetheart, do you realize how badly you're shaking? Now be polite and take off all your clothes, and let's get things set up. Believe me, you're going to love this."

Next thing I knew was in the most bizarre position of my life. Each of my wrists was cuffed and individually attached to two strong thick bungee cords. The dominatrix fastened the ends of each of the bungee cords to two brass ceiling hooks that hung at opposite sides of the room. They were kind of ornamental hooks you see large potted plants hanging from. Instead of hanging ferns, they now were hanging me. Though I could bounce up and down on the pads of my feet, in a boinga-boinga fashion, I had no other mobility what's so ever. I won't lie, this chick was starting to scare me.

With a short flexible leather stick, I would later come to learn is called a quirt, she stood behind me and started to caress my backside with it. It tickled so I giggled. Then she whispered warmly in my ear, "you and I are going to have so much fun."

I was about to ask, what kind of fun, when she hit me so hard with that leather quirt that I screamed. That scream, from my wide-open mouth, was instantly muffled by a ball gage that was quickly fastened about my head. Now, I was more than scared. I was terrified. What happened next only added to the intensity.

Completely ignored my muffled struggles to speak, she produced a cell phone from the suitcase and made a call. "Yes," she said into it. "He's secured and ready. You can come-up now."

"WTF?" I thought as watched her put back on her long coat. "What's this crazy bitch up too? And who was she talking to? Was it Doug? Had he and a couple of other old friends set me up for some kind of dumbass prank?"

"Knock, knock!"

I was about to discover the answers to all my questions. Dominatrix chick opened the door to let in another woman. A woman who appeared to be her polar opposite. Dressed in an expensive grey woman's business suit, she was pretty, but in plain sort of way. In stature she was somewhat small and thin, almost demure in appearance. I watched as she handed over a wad of money to the domination bitch. To be honest, I was happy to see her go, because this business type woman didn't seem near as threatening. After checking her money, just before leaving, leather lady looked back at me and said, "Sorry sweetheart, but a girl has to make a living." The business woman shut and locked the door behind her.

Now all her attention was focused on me. Auburn hair, hazel eyes, she just stood there for the longest time just staring at me. She looked familiar, but not recognizable. Finally she let out a long sigh, and went to the suitcase domination lady had left behind. Searching in it she asked, "you don't remember me, do you, 'Chuckles' old boy?"


I hadn't been called that since high school. Who was this business bitch? From the suitcase she produced a video camera and telescoping tripod. Then, she walked up and looked me straight in my eye. At that very moment I realized who she was. Simultaneously she introduced herself. "I'm Doug Erickson's younger sister, Darleen, don't you remember? You know, the younger under classman you stood up at your senior prom. The same young girl who let you kiss her, and feel her up, after you asked her to be his date for the dance."

Turning away she kept talking as she set up the video camera. "I'm the same young girl, who bought the perfect prom dress, had her hair and nails done, and even waxed her pussy. In anticipation for a date from a brother's friend whom everyone knew I had a head over heels crush on. I bet you didn't know I even had my twat tweezed in the expectation of giving you my virginity, did you?" She glared at me. "You Dirty Rotten No Good Bastard!"

It was at that moment that I nearly fainted in fear, because this once demure little girl that I had purposely humiliated for I and my friends entertainment, was now staring me with those same hazel eyes that would light up when I entered a room. The same hazel eyes I filled with tears, when I and my buds witnessed her humiliation. Showing up at the dance with a couple of girlfriends, as a show of dignity, Darleen tried to keep her composure but broke down sobbing when she saw me laughing at her from across the room. It was the last time I ever those eyes till now. But now this time they were not filled with tears, but with rage. A seething anger so hot that her complexion wasn't red, but ashen pale, like the face of someone resolved to take a terrible revenge.

I tried talking to her, but the ball gag only allowed me to make 'hums and moans'.

I wondered if I was about to be murdered, as I watch her carefully adjust the video camera. Satisfied it was focused and running, next she did something unexpected. She removed her clothing except for a pair of matching red lace bra and panties. I couldn't believe how this once annoying little sister of my best friend had grown into such beautiful woman. My eyes were fastened on her as she retrieved from the suitcase a blue velvet bag and picked up the quirt the dominatrix had abandoned on the floor.

Strutting slowly up, we were eye to eye. She was so close I could feel her angry hot breath against my face like a mad dog ready to bite. "Chuckles, I though my impromptu striptease might give you an erection, but by the look of things it's had an opposite effect. You're so shriveling in fear, that once famous cock of yours looks like a turtle trying to hide its head."

With that she struck my genitals hard with the leather quirt. The pain was so excruciating it knocked the wind out of me. When I regain my breath I found myself wildly bouncing about on the tethered bungee cords while the gag muffled my cries for help. Darleen laughed at the sight. "Though you didn't want to dance with me at the prom, I'll guarantee you'll dance your ass off for me tonight."

Then from the velvet purse she removed a jeweler's chain with several round bells of various sizes attached. The same kind of bells you see on the sides of a tambourine. According to their size, each bell made a different tone as Darleen fastened the chain around my scrotum and my penis. Tugging on them to make sure they were secure, the pain caused me to I bounced against the tension of the bungee cords, resulting in Christmas like tune.

"Tonight, my dear Chuckles, for the entertainment of friends and family, who will be seeing this video, you are going to do the 'Pee Pee' dance while I direct the music."

"And just for your edification, I didn't remove my outer clothing to thrill you. I did so as not to get your blood splattered on them." She pause before me, and with almost a pleasant smile added, "You know Chuckles, revenge can be a real turn on!" Instantly her smiling face faded to sober. Raising her quirt she yelled, "Now Dance, You Son-Of-A-Bitch! DANCE!"

"CRACK", she slammed the quirt across my thighs..."I SAID DANCE!"

Moving behind me, over and over again she lashed my backside. I tried to scream out with every strike. Yet all I could manage was hideous whimpering as I drooled saliva threw the breath-hole of my ball gag. On the ends of the bungee cords I was dancing like a marionette on meth, while the bells made an eerily sweet sound as they painfully slapped against my cock and balls.

Out of breath she paused, and came face to face with me, grabbing me by the hair she twisted my eyes directly to hers. "You like that...Huh? You like the pain...the humiliation...Huh?"

Despite my terrible suffering I could see in her hazel eyes the deep pain I had caused her. Oh, how that pain must have festered over the years to be released into such an explosion of anger. I wanted to tell her I was sorry, but I couldn't, all I could manage was to cry and shake my head 'No' in the hope of receiving mercy.

Slapping my cock hard, the bells chimed, as I grunted. "So tell me Chuckles, how many more hearts have you broke with that thing, a hundred, a thousand? And I bet you've forgotten most of their names and faces. Well you bastard, when I'm done, you'll never be able to forget mine."

Covered with sweat, she walked behind me ready to resume. "Now come on Chuckles let me see you dance, I want those bells to ring so loud that everyone in this building thinks Santa's arrived early."

Then she began to sing as she beat me to the rhythm of a Christmas carol to the accompaniment of my genital bells. "You better not cry, CRACK! Jingle... jingle...jingle. Better not pout, CRACK! Jingle... jingle...jingle. I'm telling you why, CRACK-CRACK-CRACK! Santa Claus is coming to town, CRACK! Jingle, jingle, jingle."

Every strike from her quirt ripped across my flesh like I was being slashed with a red hot razor. I was crying like a baby, bobbing up and down on the bungees like a yo-yo. Salvia and snot flowed together to make a goo that covered my face and fell to a puddle on the floor.

"He's making a list, CRACK! And checking it twice, CRACK-CRACK! Gonna find out who's naughty and nice, CRACK-CRACK-CRACK-CRACK!" The jingling stopped. I hung limply on the ends of the bungee cords. All was silent except for the metallic sound my piss made as it flowed over the bells onto the floor.

"So what do we have here, a naughty boy that pees on the floor? What's Santa going to say about that?"

Then taking deep breath she hit me flourish of belts, but I hung limply on the cords, my knees almost touching the puddle at me feet. I had passed out.

How long I was out, I'll never know, but when I awoke I found myself lying face down on clean sheets that smelled like a spring breeze. Then I felt healing fingers of someone tending to the raw welts that covered my back. "Shhh," a voice said in a comforting tone. "Let me put some save on these welts, it will help with the pain."

Tender motherly fingers traced the stripes on my back with a cooling jell that had to contain some kind of Novocain. These magic fingers were so gentile they almost tickled as they left healing magic in their wake. Fingers that sensually moved from my shoulders to my ass. Where their touch, though awakening the pain of my wounds, also gave me pleasure.

"Let me help you sit up," the sweet voice begged, as small but strong arms helped me up. It was then I realized my nurse was none other than Darleen Erickson. "Here, drink this, drink all of it," she said handing me a tumbler of ice water. "You're going to be sore for a few days, so you might as well stay here." I was too weak to speak and fell face first back onto the sheets.

"Now I want you to listen to me very carefully, what's done is done. You can go to the authorities, but if you do, I'll guarantee that everyone in the world will see the video of what took place. In that case, we both lose. So I suggest you stay here for a couple of days till you heal up. Then go on your way, and try to forget about what I did to you, like I tried to forget about what you did to me."

"Room service is available, order what you want. Just keep your mouth shut to the help. I'm the one who runs this place, and most of my employees are scared shitless of me the way it is. As far as anyone knows, you were a high-roller whale, whose rent a bitch, went crazy on you."

She, paused, "I'm not going to apologize Doug for setting this thing up, because even you've got to admit, you had it coming. But now that I've gotten my revenge I wish it never would have had to happened, in the first place. Looking at such a fine bare assed man lying there, I can't help but think what might have been if you would have taken me to the prom." Darleen let out an audible sigh, and left.

Darleen would look in on me, a couple of times each day. Each time massaging healing balm into my welts. I learned from the maids that after college she became a successful business woman in Vegas. Climbing the corporate ladder so fast, she broke through the glass ceiling like a volcano. Now looking back, "I really did fuck-up."

On the third day she came to check up on me. I pretended to be asleep. Sitting on the bed next to me she shook my shoulder, "Chuck, Chuck, how you are feeling?"

I rolled on my back to gaze into hazel eyes that dripped with compassion, "How do I feel? You tell me."

Taking her by the shoulders I pulled her face slowly towards mine, at first she tried to resist, but when our lips were so close they were about to touch, she fell into a kiss so passionate it seemed that we were melting into each other.

Little did I know, my gesture of reconciliation would result in her pregnancy? This twisted event changed my life forever. Not only am I a father and a husband, but Darleen put me to work in the Hotel/Casino's laundry, where I've recently moved up to supervisor. Indeed, I'm a changed man. So considering what happened to me, the old adage is true. "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Which is why I'm staying here. "To live 'happening' ever after."

Of course that doesn't mean that Darleen always trusts me. Every now and then, when she thinks I'm getting out of line, she gets out one of those damn bells, and jingles them in front of my face. Just to remind me who's boss.